Monthly Archives: December 2017

Nike: The Gay Boot

Brief: Create a Nike-led campaign that will help create the environment needed for professional footballers to feel confident enough to be openly gay, and reach 100% of their potential. Credits: I partnered with Alex on this project. She did the copy, I made the visuals. Your sexuality isn’t what makes you a professional athlete. It’s […]

Snapchat Astronaut

This weekend Snapchat released lens studio, an AR development tool for literally anyone to create content, upload to snapchat, and share with friends!! I give you A swing dancing Spaceman!


Sandows approached D&AD shift to create a channel that would step away from the ‘coffee snob’ mentality and would appeal to a newer, younger, and more creative demographic. While Artists have proved to be imaginative and creative on their own, a special muse inspired 6 selected artists in their creation, Sandows own cold brew coffee. […]

The Accord

Since 2008, London has lost 40% of its live music venues and 50% of its nightclubs. This is largely due to gentrification. Property developers and business syndicates are constructing housing projects close to popular city hotspots. This is causing conflict and leading to venue closures. ‘The Accord’ proposes that property developers and landlords cover the […]