Project Info

The agoraphobic & the astronaut

This is a personal project I started to help me get through certain feelings and emotions that have been invading my life recently, work has become difficult to deal with, money has always been tight, family members passed and close friends seemed to be drifting away, all these occurrences seemed to have put me in a bit of a self-loathing ‘lul’, I had become distant and reluctant to go out, try new things or meet new people, it got to a point where the idea of it triggered panic attacks and self induced isolation which further fed my anxiety.

I had to remind myself that there is a lot of beauty in the world, I’m only one quarter through my life with so much left to explore! I created my astronaut, a persona to strive to become , casting the unknown as my frontier to conquer. To start I needed motivational material, I needed to perceive “The astronaut” as the ultimate symbol of exploration, starting at my PC I am creating stunning visuals to encourage me to take those first steps, and develop them into giant leaps that change my life.