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Humber Museums Partnership / Framed

yesyesBD project : The Humber Museums Partnership (HMP) consists of the museums services of Hull, North Lincolnshire and the East Riding (18 museums in total). It was formed in 2014 to develop collaborative working for the purpose of delivering better services to the public.

yesyesBD was brought on-board to promote their 2016 project ‘Framed’.The project aimed to show the collections held by the 18 museums to the public by taking images of the 100 most intriguing objects or pictures and then presenting those images in non-museum settings, such as the Framed VR Museum app which allows you to discover these pieces in fantastic detail and navigate around them in ways not previously possible.

For this project I;
Built the entire web platform / event system / archive hub.
Taught myself photogrammetry, teamed up with photographer Jody Moore to create high quality 3D scans of the historical artefacts. sketchfab
Taught myself unity and was the sole developer in creating the virtual reality gallery app.
Android or iOS
Teamed up with designer Michael R Wright to define and create the HMP brand & print assets.
This project was exhausting but amazing to work on.

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