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Happy Birthday MrVP

6th of June was Vice President Mike Pence’s 60th birthday. To celebrate this, creative duo Zeynep Orbey and Macie Soler-Sala teamed up with Somesuch director Abteen Bagheri to recreate the iconic Marilyn Monroe singing a sexy rendition of ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ to JFK – but entirely with drag queens dressed like her singing.

The goal? To turn a day reserved for a man who has spread nothing but intolerance towards the LGBTQIA+ community into a day of love and support for it by encouraging people to donate to an organization that supports the community on his big day. Let’s share it and show how much louder our voices of hope, love, and resilience can be.

I worked cutting and comping the final edit as well as text animations and social assets.

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