Project Info

Nike: The Gay Boot

Brief: Create a Nike-led campaign that will help create the environment needed for professional footballers to feel confident enough to be openly gay, and reach 100% of their potential.

Credits: I partnered with Alex on this project. She did the copy, I made the visuals.

Your sexuality isn’t what makes you a professional athlete. It’s your performance. We’re going to use Nike football boots to prove it.

We will start with Nike announcing that a ‘Gay Boot’ is ‘Coming Out Soon.’ A teaser campaign will invite the public to guess what it will look like. Will it be covered in rainbows? Gay icons? What will make it different to other Nike boots?

The answer? Nothing. On release day, an existing pair of Nike football boots will be sold in new ‘The Gay Boot’ boxes, with new labels attached. A percentage of proceeds from all boots sold will go to organisations that support LGBTQ+ athletes.

By having an existing pair of Nike football boots ‘come out’ as gay, we’re going to show that it’s performance that matters. That the only thing that makes these boots different is the boxes we put them in, the labels we put on them. We’re going to send home the message that it’s the same for gay players. And we’re going to do this all with one pair of boots.